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感谢您访问我们的招生页面. We have many opportunities for you to learn about and connect with our school. Please contact our 招生 Director 安妮特权力 at apowers@psico-test.net 安排下列任何一项:


Every family that is interested in Senesh will have a one-on-one tour and meeting with the 招生主任. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about our curriculum, community, and more. 

Our virtual open houses have already passed, but 你可以在这里查看 to learn more about our school from our faculty, students, and parents.

Our admissions team will connect prospective families to current Senesh parents and/or faculty to speak with them about the Senesh experience. We will also invite prospective families to join the Senesh community for some of our community-wide events programs.

Application Requirements for the 2022-2023 Academic Year

  • Personal tour and one-on-one conversation with the 招生 Director. We give private tours to parents/caregivers on Monday-Friday at 9:30am, 10:30am, and 1:30pm. 中学申请人可以参加参观. Please contact 招生 Director 安妮特权力 at apowers@psico-test.net 安排一次旅行. This tour and conversation will provide us with the opportunity to learn more about your family and for you to ask questions about Senesh. 
  • 完整的应用程序在拉文纳. 申请Senesh,请访问我们的 拉文纳招生页面 where you can create a new Ravenna admissions account, or log in with an existing Ravenna account. Search the School Directory for “汉娜Senesh 社区走读学校” and click the APPLY button. When you get to the 汉娜Senesh page on Ravenna, make sure the year in the “Applying for the fall of” dropdown menu at the top of the page is the appropriate year. 通过 拉文纳的门户 你可以在网上申请, email Teacher Evaluation Forms to your child’s teachers, 检查你的申请状态. 申请截止日期为12月. 31st. We accept rolling admissions when space allows. 应用在这里.
  • 学校成绩单. Inform your child’s current school that you are applying to Senesh and have transcripts for the current year and the two years before (or as many as possible for those applying for kindergarten through 2nd grade) emailed to 安妮特权力 at apowers@psico-test.net.
  • 两份老师推荐信. Once in your Ravenna account, please delegate two teachers to fill out the Teacher Evaluation Form. We ask that current teachers start to work on the form in December, a few months into the school year and after your child’s teacher has had time to get to know your child. Teachers will be able to submit these forms directly into Ravenna.
  • 与Senesh工作人员一起参观/评估学生. Once an application is received and processed, a child visit/assessment will be scheduled. Kindergarten and first grade applicants will be invited to a group playdate. Second through eighth grade applicants will be invited for a school visit where they will meet with Senesh administrators, 参与教育活动, 并有机会参观班级. These visits/assessments may be virtual or in-person. 


Starting September 2022 and ending on December 31, 2022: Applications are accepted for the 2023-24 school year
从2022年10月开始: 招生之旅开始
2022年11月15日开始: Financial aid applications are available online and are due by December 5, 目前的家庭2022年,12月31日之前, 申请人家庭2022年
2023年2月9日: 幼儿园入学通知日期
2023年2月16日: 幼儿园家长回复截止日期
2023年2月14日: 1-8年级入学通知日期
2023年3月3日: 1-8年级家长回复截止日期

*招生 will continue and applications will be accepted on a rolling basis past December 31, 2022年,如果有特定年级的空缺.

请注意, we follow admissions dates determined by the Independent Schools 招生 Association of Greater New York (ISAAGNY).



Senesh is an open and inclusive Jewish Day School committed to making our school accessible to all who seek a Jewish education. Please visit this page to learn about our tuition, financial aid, and grants. 


请花点时间浏览我们的网站, 了解我们的愿景, 历史, program and get an inside view of school life at 汉娜Senesh.

在下面的招生页面, you will find everything you need to start and complete your application process:

Please help us get to know more about you and your child by filling out the full inquiry form below. 我们会尽快和你联系.


当我们构建起丰富的犹太人生活的马赛克, we strive to increase the representation of Jews of Color who have been underrepresented in our community and who would find a warm and welcoming Jewish home at Senesh. 记住这一点, a grant has been established to invest in resources to enable more Jews of Color to attend the lower school at Senesh. 

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